Ocean Wave Projector LED Night Light

$49 $89

The Ocean Wave Projector Night Light is the perfect lamp for complete relaxation while being able to look at something extremely colorful at night! This lamps serves multiple uses: Whether you have a child at home, this lamp will allow them to fall asleep much faster making it more peaceful at night. 

Feeling stressed? Sail away your worries by enjoying the night show! The ideal lamp for relaxing due to the ability to listen to calming music with the lamps speaker function and the ability to look at calm ocean colors such as blue.


  • Comfort And Relaxation:  A beautiful way to sit down alone or  with your loved ones and enjoy the music box that it comes with or just to enjoy the lamps vibrant colors.
  • Sleep Comes Easy: Have a child that struggles to sleep? This lamp is proven to help kids sleep much faster than they normal would. They would be too distracted by thee colors or either too calm with the music on!
  • Small Parties/Sleepovers/ Just For Fun: Have fun with it! Raves, parties, playing around with friends, and much more!

What It Has:


  • Touch Sensor & Remote:  The latest projector is upgraded with the press button to touch sensor key, and comes with a remote for easy control.
  • 7 Colorful Light Modes: You can choose red, blue, green or multicolor show. The colorful light casts on a ceiling or wall. Great for romance, relaxation, cozy atmosphere, etc..
  • TF Card Readable:  Plays your favorite song while the lights show, and the audio input can be connected to MP3, Phone, and PC for music playing.
  • Auto Off Timer: There are 1hr, 2hrs, and  4hrs for you to choose. You can access these settings and options without getting out of your bed.
  • Angle Adjustable: The projector can look straight up or cast in different directions according to your needs (0-45 degrees). Ideal for home, party, holiday use.
  • Remote Controller: Need 2*AAA Batteries (Not Included)


  • Light source: LED bulb
  • Size: 12.6 X  10.5 cm
  • Switch mode: Button And Remote
  • Power Supply: USB Transformer



  •  1 X Ocean Light
  •  1 X Audio Cable
  •  1 X USB Cable
  •  1 X Remote Control

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