Jellyfish Mood Lamp

$49 $99

This LED desktop JellyFish Mood Lamp aquarium is the ultimate memorizing ambiance that that mimics real JellyFish motion allowing one to experience what it is like in the Ocean. Inspired by the Ocean Wave Projector Lamp It comes with 3 Large JellyFish.

The mini aquarium holds 18 LEDs (six of red, blue, and green) and changes colors automatically. The JellyFish glow yellow, purple, blue, aquamarine and float using currents generated by the lamps silent motor.

If one prefers a specific color, manuel selection is available. This can be used as a lamp (obviously), Night Light for children and adults, or just as a show figure when bored and thinking. The Mood lamp connects via USB or 3 AA batteries. It also turns off after 4 hours, so sleeping with it on is perfectly fine.

13 3/4" H x 5 1/2" Diam. (1 1/2 lbs.)



ENVISION THE CALMNESS OF THE OCEAN: Travel into your own thought place as you watch the JellyFish swim quietly, creating the ultimate peace allowing you to sleep. What brings the uniqueness to this lamp is how real the JellyFish movements are. 

WATCH AND THINK ABOUT LIFE: Often times when people look at this for awhile, it causes them to day dream. What the JellyFish movements do is create a tranquil environment, it can place you in a thought pattern where you worry less about stress and your anxiety will lessen. It helps people who have trouble focusing and or older people suffering with conditions such as Dementia, Bipolar, and Autism.

VARIETY OF COLORS : The colors is the second best thing about the product. It allows you to clearly see the JellyFish swimming around and makes Night Lighting possible. It comes with 18 LEDS (6pcs Red+6pcs Blue+6pcs Green) and the JellyFish carry 5 color changing effects.

PLACE IT ANYWHERE: Can be used on a tabletop, bookshelf, desk, and more!



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