Horizontal Crystal Block


This personalized horizontal crystal block makes a stunning picture decoration for home or a unique gift idea.

Image will convey a static 3D print in the crystal but is engraved with 2D feature in order to prevent high cost.

Looking for a unique gift idea or crystal gift that reflects your love for someone, an animal, or particular object? A horizontal shaped crystal block is a one of a kind method to show one how much they mean to you! Simply choose a picture of a memorable moment and our laser engraving technology will insert that photo inside a crystal block of your choice. A perfect gift to say "i love you" and one that works for any occasion


LxWxH - 50x50x 80mm

Great Gift Idea For Any Occasion:

Mother's Day Gift - With mother's day coming around the corner every year in may, it is time to spoil the one who puts up with you a gift that is unique and cuts off the typical gift card. Now this is not a time to think too complicated, in fact think simple, something they are passionate about. They're passionate about you first of course! This means a DIY gift in a more unique way. One Great Mother's Day Gift Idea lies in a 3D engraved custom photo/name of them! Simple right? 3D Laser engraved gifts offer high precision white engravings that undergo enormous processing and inspection which in the end creates a beauty of its own, a crystal ball, cube, or crystal gifts of anything! Mother's Day Gifts of roses and simple card are getting boring. It is time to get more creative while staying simple at the same time, this is called innovation in gift giving.

Christmas Gifts - Christmas is known to be the day with the most gifts given and received, so it can be hard to pull a unique one out however it is not impossible. Christmas Day Gifts typically consists of socks, clothes, flowers, electronics, etc. Why not give a crystal instead? Not an ordinary crystal, but a crystal ball gift. This would include something they like a lot such as the solar system. This crystal gift will include a 3D model of the solar system and basically bring that picture to real life inside a globe shaped crystal or cube (second most common).

Birthday Gift Idea - Birthday Gifts should be easier, usually the person wishes for something so you have an idea of what to buy them. However it is still true that typical birthday gifts only last a couple weeks. Let's get them something that can last a lifetime! Crystal engraved craft gifts are the answer. They include something they love and it last, so it's a win-win situation. At stylishgram, we include everything from crystal balls of galaxies, zodiacs, roses, and even custom names and photos of your loved one as a gift! It will be the new era of gift giving in the future indeed.

What's So Unique About This Crystal Engraved Gift?

  • It's in a perfectly engraved crystal glass block
  •  A stunning new gift idea for someone special
  •  Makes a beautiful home decor idea/ decorative piece for any location in your home
  • A great option of a gift for an occasion (Mother's Day Gift, Christmas Gift, Valentine's Gift, Easter Gift, Fathers Day Gift, Birthday Gift, etc..)



Background will be removed and image will be transformed from 2D to 3D

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Big, high quality, crystal bars are cut up into perfect cubes using diamond cutting blades.


The cubes are placed on a heat resistant conveyer belt that runs through an oven, gradually heating them up to a temperature of 1600 °C (3000 °F). This makes the cubes soft and slightly mouldable.


One by one the heated cubes are pressed to their round shape using a big hydraulic mould press.


To avoid imperfections and bubbles, the crystal balls are very gradually brought down to room temperature (20 °C (70 °F)).


Multiple polishing steps create a flawless surface. At the end of these steps the balls are perfectly round, but still have a matte white finish.


Two disks with a fine polishing surface spin at high speed with the crystal balls in-between. After 40 minutes in this machine, they are completely transparent.


Every ball is extensively inspected for imperfections. Only one out of four pass this test, the others get recycled and start again at step one.

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