Unique gift ideas for children's birthday

Giving gifts to someone is not a chore when it comes from the heart.  Birthday is a special day for everyone, especially for a child.  You can make the child feel special by thinking of some unique gift ideas for his/her birthday. There is a variety of toys available in the market that can be presented as a birthday gift. Importance of a toy for a child can’t be denied. However, remembers that a toy plays a key role in the development of the child's brain. Therefore, it is very important to consider some unique gift ideas and choose the gift wisely. Here are some unique gift ideas for children’s birthday.

Crayon colors

Giving crayon colors is one of the very unique gift ideas for the children. Crayons are available in different colors and children love to play with colors.

Toy kit

Considering the toy kit as a birthday gift is a very good idea. It prevents children from spending too much time in front of the screen. As you have to operate the toys yourself with your hands thus stimulating the creativity. Different toy kits are available in the market. Your kids can use and play with the toy kit in countless and creative ways.

3D moon crystal ball

If your little one is obsessed with science you can give them a 3D moon crystal ball. The ball is engraved with a moon that look realistic. Place white light below it and the moon will shine beautifully. Your child can keep it in its room as a night light.

Moon Crystal Ball | stylishgram

Planting kit

Planting is a good hobby for people of all ages. You can buy a planting kit for your birthday gift. Make sure to check the planting kit includes a recycled plastic bowl, organic sunflower seeds and easy-to-follow instructions for planting.

Play tent

The play tent can be a memorable gift for a child and that’s why it is in the list of unique gift ideas for children. They can host a camp in the living room. The play tent also provides plenty of space to store the gears as well as some snacks for an indoor adventure. Play tents are available in different styles and colors; You can choose the one keeping in mind the personality of the children.  


Let the child be creative with the gears and turn into real gears.  A gear set consists of some pieces that can be used to build different types of vehicles.

Rhymes book

Children's nursery rhymes offer the child an entertaining way to take advantage of language, reading and speech development skills. Modern rhymes book contain basic nursery rhymes songs. The child will definitely enjoy listening and reading nursery rhymes with the parents.

Spell learning toy

Preschoolers will have a good start to school if they already recognize the sounds of letters and know their readability. Spell learning toys can help your child compose letters and develop the vocabulary of reading at first sight in a fun way. There are many letters and words to work on, so your child can spend hours playing while learning. The letters can also be used as models to create other educational games.

Video games

A video game is one of the best and unique gift ideas for children. Video games, when played in a limit, can be a great exercise for your child's mind and can improve problem-solving, hand-eye coordination and other thinking skills.

Consider this list if you are thinking of some unique gift ideas for children. The children will be happy with your gift choice.

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