Top 5 gifts for your star lover friend

Top 5+ gifts for your star lover friend

If your friend is a star lover who loves to learn and is curious to explore the world around him/her, astronomy gifts is for her/ him. Space science is a fascinating subject that excites the people and ignites their imagination in many creative ways. From everyday experiments to telescopes and Space inspired necklaces, we are sure you will find the perfect gift this list of best astronomy gifts. Here are the top 5 gifts for your star lover friend.

  1. Zero gravity experience

Zero gravity experience is one of the best astronomy gifts for anyone especially your star lover friend who wants to experience weightlessness. With this gift, your friend will be in the air in a specially modified aircraft, which performs a series of complex maneuvers including a controlled reversal, in which the passengers undergo weightlessness and float inside the padded cabin.  Let your friend feel what it's like to be an astronaut with a gravity-free journey.

  1. Galaxy Themed Umbrella  

Galaxy themed umbrella is very elegant and useful astronomy inspired a gift for your friend. Your friend can still see the stars even in wet weather with a beautiful galaxy-themed umbrella that opens with the push of a button. The wind protection ensures it stays dry in strong winds, while the upside-down feature reduces waterfalls where it should not.

  1. Moonlight bedroom lamp

Moonlight bedroom lamp is one of the best astronomy gifts for your star lover friend. You can add the magic of the universe to any room with this quality original artwork. The moonlit lamp offers a subtle illumination that makes it the ideal choice as a night light. The moonlight bedroom lamp is lightweight and can be placed on the sight table or on the study table. The white globe provides a realistic representation of the surface in the craters of the moon. The on or off switch is ideally located on a durable base and the lamp works with the batteries.

  1. NASA t-shirts

You can also consider NASA t-shirts as astronomy gifts for your star lover friend. Get some beautiful, elegant and high-quality t-shirt, made of 100% cotton and adorned with the classic NASA logo composed of special color inks. NASA t-shirts are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Make sure to check the shirts are washable in the machine.

  1. Galaxy wall clock

Star fans can admire the galaxy at any time with this stylish wall clock. Giving a Galaxy wall clock to your star lover friend is one of the best astronomy gifts. The colorful impression of the universe has a laminated surface that needs only accidental dust. The white numbers are clearly defined and can be installed easily. Your friend will love the colors of this clock.

  1. 3D Galaxy crystal ball

Your star lover will instantly fall in love with the 3D galaxy crystal ball. It is manufactured with the k9 crystal ball that is laser engraved with the 360 degree view of galaxy. Milky way galaxy inside the ball makes it a perfect decoration piece.

Besides these 5 astronomy gifts, you can also consider some other gifts such as astronomy based book. If your friend is a girl and is a jewelry lover, a solar system inspired necklace or a moon phase earrings is also a good idea.



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