Step by step guide to building a solar system model

Making a solar system model can be an amazing activity which you can build when you are learning about the solar system. Making a solar system model can be a fun activity to perform as well as a good art project to present in the primary school science classes. Although it is a fun activity to perform but it will take time because you will have to wait for clay or paint to dry.

The simplest guide to build a solar system model

Here are some simplest steps which can help you to build a solar system model in the best possible way. So follow the steps:

1.   Get some Styrofoam balls and prepare them

Get differently sized Styrofoam balls and stick one skewer in each ball. This is going to help you in the further process. Do not put the entire skewer into the ball but keep it halfway.

2.   Cut the rings of Saturn

To cut the Saturn you need to trace the size of the ball for which ring is required. Get a jar or a round box of a similar size as your ball and trace the size onto the sheet with a lead pencil. Now use the cutter to cut them carefully. You can make it smoother by using the round side of the spoon with ease.  

3.   Add details of the sun and planets

Now pick all of the balls and paint them. To give them the details of each planet you can use craft paint with ease. Take a big ball and paint them with bright yellow color, this will be your sun. Pick a book or search the internet to find the details of other planets look too and paint all of the other balls accordingly. Now put all the balls to dry. Do not touch them until they are completely dried.

4.   Put the ring and Saturn together to give that exact look

Saturn is one which is complicated as compared to the other planets because of the ring which it contains. Well, this is the time to put it into its ring. Get craft glue to line the inner rim. Push the yellow painted ball into it carefully. Do not let that slip. Now set this aside to let that dry properly.

5.   Cut the strings and hang the planets in the proper position

Take a long string and cut that into different parts to hang the planets. Remove the skewer from each planet ball. Tie a knot at the end of each ball. Do not forget to use the smallest string for the Sun than the longer for mercury and so on. The longest would be of the last one.

6.   Put them all together

Get a cardboard box and paint that black inside. Now put all of these together into the box and fix them properly with glue.

Well, you have done with your solar system model and it is ready to display.

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