How To Decorate With a Crystal Ball

How To Decorate Your Space With A Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are very fascinating objects. They’re spherical, translucent and visually appealing. It’s almost impossible to sight a crystal ball and not stare at it for at least a few seconds. You might even be tempted to pick it up just to get a better feel or look at it! Crystal balls have a mystical and mysterious quality about them, making it a perfect decorative object. They come with different designs that make them suitable for different settings.

They are also amazing gift ideas because they are aesthetically pleasing. If you have a crystal ball or you’d love to purchase one, here are some ways you can decorate your space with a crystal ball.

  1. Your living room

Crystal balls are exciting objects to look at. Despite being small, they can have a very noticeable effect in a room. Most living rooms are made to look as mature as possible. This is majorly because the living room is where guests stay when paying a visit. So sometimes it has an excessively serious tone.

With a crystal ball, you can lessen just how ‘serious’ your living room looks. If you have a center table, you can place the crystal ball on the center table. If you have shelves lining the wall of your living room, you can also place the crystal ball there. Another living room area that's great for a crystal ball is in front of your flat-screen television. The 3D earth crystal ball is a great choice for your living room!

  1. Your dining room

Dining rooms are often overlooked when it comes to home décor. Most people think “well it’s just a place to eat!” While this is true, there is no harm in dining with your loved ones in an exciting setting. If there is one thing crystal balls are good for, it’s to create a little excitement! Putting your crystal ball in the middle of your dining table along with some flowers will make a remarkable difference to your dining room.

If you have a glass dining table, then this decoration tip is one you simply cannot pass up on! Placing a crystal ball on your glass dining table will give your dining area a sophisticated feel. If you don’t want the crystal ball in the middle of the dining table, you can place it on the shelf lining the wall.

  1. Your bedroom

The bedroom is one of the best places to put up a crystal ball. Now, this can be in the master's bedroom, the children's bedroom, the girls' room or the boys' bedroom. Most parents choose sophisticated décor for the master’s bedroom and crystal balls fit perfectly into such settings. You can place the crystal ball on the bedroom cupboard or drawer. It also looks great on the side table next to the lamp.

Crystal balls also work in the children’s bedroom as it has a fun, playful vibe to it. You can also place it on the desk in their bedroom or close to the mirror. Surely your kids would love the crystal ball! You can even choose to purchase the 3D solar system crystal ball so that more than being decorative, it can also be educating.

As a young lady with her own bedroom, one of the best places to put up a crystal ball, is on your vanity, close to your mirror. If you have shelves on your wall, a crystal ball will also look nice perched on one of those. The 3D rose crystal ball is a perfect pick for the lady’s bedroom.

A crystal ball can also look nice on the window of your bedroom or in a wardrobe. You can choose to buy the 3D moon crystal ball that glows in the dark. This will definitely add a futuristic vibe to your bedroom!

  1. Your bathroom

Now you might be thinking “the bathroom?” Yes, the bathroom! For people who love a nice looking bathroom, your crystal ball can go in there. Placing the crystal ball on the cupboard right in front of the mirror will definitely give your bathroom an ultra-modern feel. If you have a visitor’s bathroom and you’d like your home to impress visitors, putting a crystal ball in there can do just that. Your guest might spend a minute longer in the bathroom admiring your crystal ball!

  1. Your office

Offices are places of work and to relieve pressure during working hours, it is important that you make your office as convenient/homely as possible. Putting a crystal ball in your office can help improve its mood. It reduces the seriousness of the working environment while giving it a sophisticated look. One of the most impressive places to put a crystal ball is your desk. When your brain starts to feel drained or the pressure of work starts getting to you, looking at the ball and playing with it a little can help relieve you. Sounds magical right? Well, it's the truth! Also when visitors step into your office, they will surely be impressed with the crystal ball.

If you have shelves on the wall in your office, the crystal ball can stay on top of one. And if you have a center table in your office, you can place your crystal ball on top of it. The 3D zodiac crystal ball is a great crystal ball for the office environment.

  1. Your classroom

Crystal balls are great decorations for classrooms. The more interesting a classroom looks, the more excited your pupils will be to come to school each day! There is no doubt that a little mystery stirs up the interest of students. If you place one or more crystal balls in your classroom, it’ll definitely snatch the attention of your pupils and their friends. Buying crystal balls with educational contents within them such as the 3D solar system crystal ball can be a great addition for your classroom!

  1. Your library

Another place you can place a crystal ball is your library. This can be in your home library, a school library or a public library. Putting one or more crystal balls in a library will make it look more entertaining and interesting. In a home library, you can place the crystal ball at the reading desk. In a public library, you can put the crystal ball on the reception table. For libraries, it is best to go for the more educative crystal balls such as the 3D solar system crystal ball or the 3D earth crystal ball.

  1. In restaurants

Restaurants with interesting settings often draw customers faster than plain-looking restaurants. People want to go to restaurants where they can take nice pictures and have the best memories. Putting up crystal balls in your restaurant can make give your restaurant look either futurist or mystical – depending on which you prefer. For restaurants, the led 3D crystal balls are amazing. In the evening they glow. Placing this on the tables will definitely impress your guests!

There are so many other places you can put a crystal ball. You can choose to use one crystal ball or a variety for a home or office décor, either way, it still gives a room character! Buy your crystal balls for your home today!

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