Enchanting Crystal Gifts That You Can Buy Online

Many people are drawn to buy crystal gifts for valuable people. These transparent items have been sources of fascination to humans even during earlier times. Though civilizations have developed, our passion for decorations remains evident in our living rooms and other areas in our homes.

With the help of modern technology, purchasing and owning these items becomes more affordable and more comfortable than ever. Now, you can even buy 3D laser crystal engraving online and in specialty stores near you.  

But what makes crystal balls and other products made from this material special that makes them valuable gift items? Find out what makes these items as excellent gifts by reading the rest of this article.

The Mystical Powers of Crystals

Our penchant for crystals and other related items comes from our ancestors. In ancient societies, crystal balls were everyday items used for fortune-telling. Sages used these mystical objects to foretell future events. Even mathematicians believed these items have magical powers that they used as tools for scrying and for foretelling future events.

The early Chinese also acknowledged the magical powers of crystal balls. Feng shui practitioners believed these transparent globes could bring soothing and harmonious energy to a home, office, and any space. In a house where there is conflict almost every day, placing a crystal ball can clear attract a calming chi or life energy. In business settings, people can place crystal balls in their offices to "smooth the edges" of aggressive, uneasy, and competitive energy to make the place more productive.

Most modern sellers of crystal items no longer claim that their products have special powers. But still, their products evoke human's fascination with their form and design. These remain as appealing decorative objects with an enchanting appeal, making them perfect gifts for almost any occasion. Today, even without the claim of magical qualities, many are still mesmerized by the 3D crystal photo cube and other items made from the same material. Because of this trait, they are perfect ornaments for homes and offices.

Reasons for Giving Crystal Items

To be considered as ideal presents, the objects that you will give should have unique characteristics. While most people appreciate receiving gifts, you still need to make sure that the things you're bestowing would make a lasting and positive impact. You don't want to see your present end up unvalued or ignored.

For your gifts to have their intended value, they must be useful to the people receiving it. This means they can benefit from the object that they received. Crystal balls and other items may not be valuable as a tool for work. But it can help make your home more presentable to visitors. You can also engrave relevant artworks like solar system models and other elaborate to be enjoyed by kids and adults.

Gift items should also bring them positive and empowering feeling. The enchanting beauty of crystal decors would bring about good vibes and positive emotions. Most people would behold the attractive laser-etched artworks within these transparent spheres.  

Having top-notch quality is also a characteristic of an ideal gift. Most new crystal balls are made of K9 crystal. This material is more affordable and lighter than other glass crystals. But despite its low production cost, it has the quality on par with real crystals. Its high refractive index, high clarity, and low-dispersal properties make these spheres a good option for producing the lenses and prism used for lasers and optics.

Crystal Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Now that you know the value of crystal items as gifts, the next question is, which of them should you buy? Luckily, you can now choose from a wide variety of options that you can purchase offline and in stores. Here are some of them:

  • 3D Engraved Crystal Balls

K9 crystals are ideal materials for engraving. Most online crystal items sellers use laser machines that can produce stunning artworks enclosed in a solid transparent sphere. This property is the reason why you can see crystal balls with a variety of design on the internet. Among the most popular designs are:

  • Astronomical bodies - Models of the earth, the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, the moon, and other heavenly entities.
  • Religious and mystical items - You can also purchase sacred objects and icons.
  • Photos - There are also 3d photo crystal engraving of other famous personalities that you can order online. Some merchants even accept personalized items with your photos engraved in them.
  • Sports-themed - You can also buy crystal balls as a replica of basketball, soccer ball, tennis ball, and other sports-themed items.

Many of these crystal balls come with lighting base in different colors for a more mesmerizing effect.

  • Home Decor and Lighting

You can also buy products with K9 crystals as bulbs or as an attractive light-emitting source. You can purchase string lights made of small crystals that resemble stars, moon, planets, or other shapes. If you want a more elaborate lighting effect, you can buy fantasy star projectors that can make your room a planetarium. Instead of the usual Christmas light, you can also buy one that is made with blinking lamps made of small crystals.

  • Jewelry Items

Crystals make fantastic jewelry items. Although not as valuable as other diamond, emerald, pearl, other precious stones, crystals still provide the surprise factor that makes it a great alternative to the usual materials for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other pieces of jewelry. What's more, you can order models with engravings in them to make it more customized.

Order only on Reliable Stores

The internet is filled with fake or substandard products. Unfortunately, crystal gifts are among them. Many e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay source their products from China and other countries that don't follow quality standards, especially in items with safety hazards like lamps. To avoid purchasing crystal products that may put your reputation at risk, only deal with trusted companies specializing in crystal items.

Crystals are fantastic gift items for your loved ones. They come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. But make sure to buy them from reputable online merchants to avoid tarnishing your reputation.







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